Railroaded vs. Up the Roll Fabrics

Railroaded vs. Up the Roll Fabrics

Welcome to # 1 Fabric Company, your source for first quality, discounted designer fabrics and wall coverings. I’m April, account manager, and this is Jen, sales manager.

Today we’re going to talk to you about the difference between railroaded vs. up the roll fabrics.

This is an example of a pattern that is labeled up the roll. What that means is that your fabric, 54 inches wide,  has a pattern going upward. So if you were going to have a larger piece, say a camel back sofa for instance, that you wanted to place this fabric on, if it’s any longer than 54 inches, you would end up seaming the fabric.

Conversely, patterns can be presented railroaded. A railroaded fabric means that the fabric design runs vertically along the width of the fabric.  This would be ideal if you were doing a larger piece like April suggested with the camel back sofa. This fabric could go the length you desire based on the amount of yardage that you need, minimizing the amount of fabric that would need to be seamed together.

Railroaded vs. Up the Roll Fabrics

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