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Samelson Fabrics are available for purchase here at #1 Fabric Co. Call 877-FAB-2-YOU for your best buy price on any current Samelson Fabrics fabric.- Or fill out the price quote form for an email quote on any fabric in the entire Samelson line up. Samelson Fabrics textiles for the home or company are discounted for purchase here online. #1 Fabric Co. offers all of Samelson Fabrics textiles at near wholesale discount prices.

All Samelson Fabrics are available for purchase through #1 Fabric Co.

Note: Our Samelson selections ARE NOT factory seconds, over-stock, remnants or discontinued fabric. Your pricing from #1 Fabric store will be on a new, current, first-run Samelson textile at the lowest possible price.

#1 Fabric Co makes decorating with designers like Samelson affordable. Buy the same decorator textiles the professional interior designers buy at the lowest possible sale prices. Call now: Toll Free 1-877-FAB-2-YOU (1-877-322-2968)

Where can I buy a Samelson Fabrics selection if I’m not “in the trade?”

  •    #1 Fabric Co, who sells Samelson selections to the public as well as installation products you may need, can ship directly to your home or installer.

Call Now Toll Free: 1-877-FAB-2-YOU (1-877-322-2968)

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