Fabric Memo Samples and Cuttings for Approval

Fabric Memo Samples and Cuttings for Approval

Welcome to  #1 Fabric company’s look at fabric memo samples and cuttings for approval.  I’m Jennifer, sales manager at #1 Fabric Company. And this is April, Account manager at #1 fabric company.

Today I want to discuss the differences between receiving a memo sample and a cutting for approval.

Generally speaking, memo samples are nicely presented swatches of fabric that are offered from the fabric manufacturers themselves.  They are generally just large enough for you to be able to appreciate the size of the pattern repeat.  In a case like this, a solid or a texture or even a small repeat pattern, we will give you a smaller memo sample.  Sometimes when the repeat is larger, a larger memo sample is more appropriate.

In this case, this memo sample is sized so that you can see the entire repeat of the pattern.

There are no guarantees about what size memo sample you’ll receive, but the manufacturers understand that the reason for ordering a memo sample is so that you can make sure that that design looks right in the room that you’re furnishing.

On the back of each memo sample is a tag that contains information about the pattern name, color, the width, the fabric content, the repeat information. Everything that you need to make sure that pattern is going to be perfect for your project.

The other piece of fabric you can receive from us is called a cutting for approval, a CFA if you will.

Cuttings for approval also come directly from the fabric manufacturers and are little less fancy than a memo sample. These are samples that are coming directly from the bolt that the manufacturers is working from. The dye lot that you receive in the mail is the dye lot that your fabric order will also come from. When you place an order for a cutting for approval, I’ll need to know how many yards of fabric you’ll need. This reserves that amount with the manufacturer, for the amount of time that it’ll take for you to receive the cutting for approval.

Fabric Memo Samples and Cuttings for Approval

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