Discounted Robert Allen Upholstery Fabrics

Discounted Robert Allen Upholstery Fabrics

Jen:  Thank you for tuning in to #1 Fabric Co’s look at discounted Robert Allen upholstery fabrics . The Robert Allen Group has been THE source for some of the world’s finest fabrics for more than 70 years Long recognized as innovators in home fashion, Robert Allen pioneered the broad distribution of fabric books. The renowned Robert Allen Color Library, with its exceptionally effective method of organization by color, was an industry first introduced by Robert Allen.  Inspired by all things intriguing and relevant, whether art, history, nature or architecture, Robert Allen’s designs are always fresh, original, stylish and inventive.

April: Robert Allen’s collections are known for having an exceptionally wide range of colors, patterns and constructions. With a spectrum of designs ranging from formal to casual and bold to understated, Robert Allen fabrics provide the necessary tools to create the most distinguished of spaces.

Jen:   Like the Beacon Hill line!  Inspired internationally and designed for luxury, these patterns are designed to be elegant and sophisticated.  Recognized as “the new American classic”, Beacon Hill has a tradition of using refined materials, an opulent color palette and sophisticated construction to provide understated elegance for those seeking a gracious style of living.

April:  Robert Allen also has a Contract Collection- a major provider of coordinated fabrics for hospitality, healthcare, and corporate customers. The brand combines artful,  inspirational designs with highly durable
constructions that meet stringent contract industry standards.

Jen:  Finally, there is the Robert Allen@Home collection. Made for the design-savvy customer, each group is completely coordinated by color and lifestyle, and offers the latest in design trends. Accessible looks and a variety of groundcloths,
including cottons, silks and outdoor fabrics, make Robert Allen @ Home ideal for every day.

Discounted Robert Allen Upholstery Fabrics

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